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Airplane Flight training

The process of learning to fly is challenging, but very rewarding. You’ll start by flying the airplane with an instructor to learn the basics. You’ll learn how to fly straight and level, do climbs, turns, and descents and then move on to learning how to land, execute emergency procedures, and more.

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Get a head start on your career as a certified airplane pilot.

Majestic Aviation


The professionals at Majestic Aviation have guided numerous clients through the complicated technical and financial considerations which typically need to be worked out before a decision to use personal air transportation is made.

The experienced and qualified professionals at Majestic Aviation give corporate operators the personalized one-on-one service you deserve without the cost or burden of employing you own full-time staff of Aviation Professionals.

Majestic Aviation

Aircraft Management

When you select Majestic Aviation to support the operation of your aircraft, you gain a full range of services focused on Safety, Service and Savings. Our focus on the management of your aviation asset allows you to simply enjoy the benefits of your investment – flexibility, convenience and reliability.

Majestic Aviation

Aircraft sales and purchase

When it comes to aircraft sales, our experience is your advantage. With decades of domestic market knowledge and experience, we pinpoint the proper buyer and negotiate to maximize the amount you’ll receive for your aircraft.

Total transparency. Before, during and after the sale.

Majestic Aviation

Mechanical Services

With a team of experienced mechanics on call, we have a network of mechanical support to service everything from a single-engine piston to a large/long-range jet.

Majestic Aviation

Flight Training

Since the early days of civilization, mankind has gazed towards the sky with a desire to fly. The history of aviation is full of color and adventure. Almost all of us know someone that is a pilot or have taken flight lessons. Flying provides freedom like you’ve never experienced before. No matter if your flying is for business or pleasure, it is sure to be fun and exciting! Signs point to a tremendous shortage of pilots in the near future. Why not consider aviation as career choice?
Majestic Aviation is located in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. We operate out of the Southeast Aviation’s Terminal at Hattiesburg-Bobby L. Chain Airport. Our team of instructors can provide you with the most comprehensive training program available to ensure your success as a pilot. We teach recreational, private, instrument, commercial, ATP, and provide CFI training for those wishing to advance their flying career. 

We can help you complete your flight review, tail wheel endorsement, or spin training. We provide our clients with an in depth ground school for all levels. Whatever your aviation training needs are, please consider Majestic Aviation. We look forward to meeting with you in person as you begin or advance your journey toward the friendly skies!

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